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Two Health Resources and Services Administration Programs - Ryan White HIV/Aids & Drug Price Reductions

by Sherie Sanders on August 29, 2016
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healthcare_fkWDC85d.jpgThe Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is an agency in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its primary purpose is to achieve health equity for underserved populations, including people living with HIV/AIDS, those who live in areas with limited access to health care, and others who are medically vulnerable. It also supports the training of health professionals, oversees organ donation, and maintains a malpractice database. It has over 90 programs that serve more than 3,000 grantees. Currently, there are two different HRSA programs with upcoming October deadlines.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program PART A

According to the CDC, there are currently over 1.2 million people in the US that are living with AIDS. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program helps communities with medical care and support services for people with HIV who are uninsured or under insured. It serves about one half a million people a year, approximately 52% of those diagnosed with HIV in the U.S.

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Part A provides funds to Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs) that have been the hardest hit by the epidemic. Seventy-five percent of funds must be used for core medical services for persons with HIV such as medical and mental health care, medicine, early intervention, health insurance and cost sharing for low income individuals, medical nutritional therapy, hospice services, substance abuse treatment, and medical case management.

The remaining funds may be used for support services, such as outreach, medical transportation, linguist services, respite care for caregivers, nonmedical case management and other support services.



Eligible applicants are metropolitan areas that meet the following statutory requirements:

EMAs include communities that have reported more than 2,000 cases of AIDS to the CDC in the past five years.TGAs have had at least 1,000 but fewer than 2,000 cases in the last five years. Refer to the NOFA for further specifications. Matching funds are not required. Apply by October 18, 2016.


The 340B Drug Pricing Program

Not exclusive to patients with HIV/AIDS is The 340B Drug Pricing Program that mandates that drug manufactures provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations at substantially reduced prices. The purpose is to help them “stretch scarce federal resources” and reach more patients. Qualified organizations are nonprofit health care organizations such as federally qualified community-based health care providers, tribal health centers, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantees, children’s hospitals, rural referral centers, sole community hospitals and others. Find the full list of eligible applicants here.

Eligible drugs:

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved prescription drugs
  • Prescribed over the counter drugs
  • FDA approved insulin
  • Other non vaccine biological products requiring a prescription.

Drugs must only be provided to patients who receive health care services other than drugs from the applicant, with the exception of patients of state operated AIDS drug purchasing assistance programs.


Recipients must recertify their eligibility each year. Registration for the next period is October 1-15, 2016. There are a total of four submission windows throughout the year.







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