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Finish Line Youth Foundation: Grants for Youth Athletic Programs

We have been talking a lot lately about how important community coalitions are to local government.  Today's guest blogger, Kristal Johnson, brings us tangible examples of what they can accomplish. Although the Finish Line Youth Foundation funds nonprofits, collaboration between foundations, charities, and government have resulted in new opportunities for youth in Oakland and Indianapolis!

Germinating Greenways: A Million Mile Program

Who loves multi-use trails besides bikers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts? Home town businesses, chamber of commerce members, and just about anyone else who appreciates economic development in their community. A recent study by Connecticut's Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments and the University of Connecticut's Department of Agriculture estimates that a proposed local trail may have a return on investment of over 4.2 to 1. Like any other amenity, however, trails must be well designed from their inception to achieve maximum community benefits. That is why MillionMile Greenway not only offers funding to help establish trails, but advice and technical expertise to ensure projects will be successful from the start.

Parks and Recreation Grants:  OH!  How Happy!!!

OH! stands for Outdoor Happiness. That is exactly what McKee Foods (parent company of Little Debbie) wants to see more of with its parks and recreation grants. The best kind of outdoor happiness is a little different for each community. Whether your project involves rolling or strolling, hiking or biking, jogging or clogging, it will be considered by the Outdoor Happiness program just as long as it tempts residents to enjoy the fresh air and move in a joyful way. Their goal is to support 50 projects in all 50 states over a five-year period to the tune of $1 million plus. That is quite a bit of happiness!

Historical Preservation Grants: Our Maritime Heritage

Who benefits from historical preservation grants?  Museums and historical societies come to mind. But tourism, economic development, cultural affairs, even parks and recreation departments can find advantages with this type of funding as well. Or course, history is important for its own sake. Which is why the Department of Interior is offering National Maritime Heritage Grants to make sure our county's distinguished maritime past remains alive and vibrant.

Playground Grants from KaBOOM!

KaBOOM! and the American Academy of Pediatrics agree.  Play is a crucial part of a healthy childhood.  Play helps with the cognitive, physical, social and emotional development of children.  It encourages creativity, gives them the opportunity to practice decision-making and teaches them the interpersonal skills they need to work well in groups.  To ensure that more kids have access to engaging places where they can have fun together, KaBoom!  offers a variety of grants and other resources to build and enhance community playgrounds.

Youth Baseball Grants - The Baseball Tomorrow Fund and More

With spring just around the corner, many youth baseball and softball leagues across the nation are gearing up for opening day. If your local diamond needs to get back into playing shape after a long off-season, consider the following funding opportunities to help turn your field of dreams into a reality.


Rails-to-Trails Grants:  The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Development Fund

Rails-to-trails is an exciting movement that converts abandoned railroad tracks into trails for pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists and kinetic enthusiasts of all kind. High profile repurposed lines include the Atlanta Beltway, Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail, and New York's High Line which is beginning to rival Central Park as a must visit tourist attraction. Whether urban, rural, or somewhere in between, recycled railroads are a perfect place for fitness, fun, and financial renaissance. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy via the Doppelt Family Trail Development Fund is currently offering competitive grants to build or improve mulituse trails.

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