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What Is a Community Foundation, You Ask?

A community foundation is a charity run by local citizens committed to supporting the best interests of the place they call home. Founded in 1919, The Cleveland Foundation has the distinction of being the first such institution. Community foundations complement, but are not identical to, organizations like the YMCA and United Way. Contributions can be used to

Grants for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Statistics tell us that each year over 10 million people experience physical abuse by an intimate partner.  Domestic violence makes up 15% of all violent crime. It costs over $8.3 billion annually, including lost wages for survivors who miss work. But statistics and price tags can't ever fully capture the human toll that domestic violence takes. In addition to the physical wounds, survivors have an

LISC: Working for Communities

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is a community development organization that has been helping create a better future for over 7 million Americans for the past 35 years. Established in 1979 by executives from the Ford Foundation, it now has 31 local offices and a rural program that reach 44 states and 1400 counties. LISC takes a holistic approach to its mission,

Local Governments: Setting Up a Nonprofit to Acquire Private Sector Funding

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present a grant writing session (along with Corey Coll, eCivis Enterprise Account Executive) and meet a lot of great, dedicated members of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) – Arizona. I listened to a ton of great stories about funding needs and best practices in local communities. One such best practice for local governments entails establishing a tax-exempt nonprofit to be eligible to receive certain private sector (foundations and corporations) funding. This practice was implemented by the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) in Tucson.

Getting In-Kind Donations from Professional Sports Teams

   Credit: iStockphoto

Hoping to hit your foundation’s next fundraiser out of the park? Seeking a donation that will ensure your charity’s next auction is a slam dunk? Well then look no further than your local professional sports teams! With the plethora of opportunities made available by these teams’ community outreach programs, you don’t need to feel that your next request for support is a Hail Mary, but instead an effective approach in leading your organization towards its goooaaallls!

How to Obtain 501(c)(3) Status for Your Nonprofit: Tips and Resources

Many small nonprofits come to me with questions about establishing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS, as well as how to build their organization's capacity to apply for grants. But before you go about searching for grant funding, you need to establish key components of your organization, including an actively contributing board of directors, mission and vision statements (these are two distinct things!), and a plan to fund your operating budget. The following article focuses on getting started on the right foot and getting your vision established so that funders view your board and organization as capable of managing grant awards and providing services to your target populations.

Collaboration Done Right: When Local Governments and Nonprofits Apply for Grants Together  

Capacity is everything. When it comes to applying for a grant, you need to ensure you have the proper organizational, human, and financial capacity to apply for and manage the award should you win funding. And sometimes it’s a lack of capacity, particularly a scarcity of human capital capacity, that prevents an organization from pursuing certain grant funding they could really use. Maybe you have a story that comes to mind about this topic. 

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