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Demystifying Indirect Costs

Indirect costs can be confusing if you are not a seasoned grant expert, finance professional or CPA. Let's be honest. Even among this well-trained group, indirect costs can be a mystery. But the truth is that indirect costs are a necessary and important part of administering your grant-funded project or program. Getting this component wrong can adversely impact your organization. We've compiled a number of resources in this post to help you make sense of indirect costs, including training videos from experts.

How Grants Impact People's Lives

Raised hands_compressed-2.jpgApproximately $700 billion in federal grants will be awarded this year. The real story, however, is not the total dollars, but the impact those dollars will have on people's lives. Matthew Hanson, Statewide Grant Administrator for the State of Arizona, reminds us, the grants community, of this important fact. Enjoy the video and be sure to share it with others! #GrantImpacts

5 Levels of Grant Management Maturity

Focus on this question as you read this article: How mature is your organization’s grant management process? The following excerpt comes from the The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Grant Revenues titled the "Grants Process Maturity Model for Local Government." While the original guide is directed toward counties and cities, this chapter is applicable across many types of organizations and for anyone involved with grants.

The 3 Types of Grant Structures in Local Government:  Which One Are You?

In our Definitive Guide to Maximizing Grant Revenues, three types of grant structures in local government are identified, along with the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each. In order to improve the grant process, it is always wise for organizations to assess their current situations and know their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, knowing where you fit in the three categories below will help you improve your capacity to seek and manage grants in an increasingly competitive environment.

Uniform Guidance 2017: What You Need to Know

There were several important discussions last year  about the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) and its impact to federal grant recipients. These discussions took place in trainings across the country. I’ve compiled those trainings for you  in this post  to access and share with others.  Best of all, they're free.  Keep  checking the eCivis blog throughout the year for more training and  resources.

Grant Management and Millennials:  A Program Analyst's Experience

In February of 2016, I was offered a position as Program Analyst in the Office of Grants Management for the City of Detroit. As an aspiring young professional who wants to make a difference, I happily accepted the opportunity. Grant management is a meticulous process, requiring detail-oriented professionals who are willing to work collaboratively through the rigorous challenges of grant applications, agreements, and amendments. Successful grant management is certainly critical to any organization seeking to sustain operations and meet organizational goals.


Grants 1990 vs 2016: The Results Have Been Captured!


Remember the survey we did in this Grants Way Back When article, asking our esteemed readers how life in the grant world has changed since the 1990s? Here are the results, in Capture Magazine, from our partners at CostTree. A big thanks to each and every one of you who shared your insights with us! YOU ROCK!!! Just click on the typewriter below to be transported back a few decades. "Hypothetical Variance: Grants from 1990 to 2016" starts on page 28!

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