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Grant Revenue: 3 Keys to Success

If there is a secret to increasing your grant awards and decreasing your administrative overhead, would you like to be in on it?  From 2013 to 2016, eCivis conducted research with state and local governments with grant portfolios ranging from $100 million to over $10 billion.  We found three characteristics successful organizations had in common that enabled them to maximize

Are You Grant-Ready? Four Key Points to Consider When Starting Grant Development

Local governments and non-profit organizations alike can benefit from a strong grant development program. To be ‘grant ready,’ however, it is key to make sure you have done your homework and have everything you need in place before starting a trek down this path. To repeat one of the great mottos of the Twentieth century, it literally pays to ‘be prepared!’

Matching Funds Required:  Outsmarting a Catch-22

It takes money to make money.  Who hasn't lived this fatalistic cliche at some point in their lives?  Big salaries require expensive degrees, but expensive degrees require fat financing.  We need a car to get to work but we need a job to buy a car.  It is no different in local government.  Many of the cash strapped municipalities that  could benefit the most from grants are discouraged from applying because of the matching funds requirement.  While the challenge can be daunting, meeting it is not impossible.  Hidden escape hatches do exist in this particular catch-22, here are some suggestions where to look for them.

Grant Deadline Passed?  Eight Reasons Not to Panic!

Has this scenario ever happened to you?  While you are researching opportunities for a project that needs funding, you find the quintessentially perfect grant. With one little problem: the deadline was three months ago. Yes, this is highly frustrating, but all is not lost. Here are eight reasons not to panic when you come across a grant after its submission date has passed.

Getting In-Kind Donations from Professional Sports Teams

   Credit: iStockphoto

Hoping to hit your foundation’s next fundraiser out of the park? Seeking a donation that will ensure your charity’s next auction is a slam dunk? Well then look no further than your local professional sports teams! With the plethora of opportunities made available by these teams’ community outreach programs, you don’t need to feel that your next request for support is a Hail Mary, but instead an effective approach in leading your organization towards its goooaaallls!

How Local Governments Can Land Private-Sector Grants

Local governments are not necessarily precluded from pursuing private-sector grants. By creating a 501(c)(3) foundation, local governments, and even police departments, can become eligible for grants from private-sector grantors that indicate in their guidelines that they only award grants to nonprofits. During ICMA's September webinar "The Language of Grant Writing," one of the last questions during the Q&A secton came from a local government official that brought up this very issue:

“I’m with the city and we have never considered going after private-sector funding. How can we position ourselves to win foundation grant awards?”

The answer deserved transcription, so I've quoted it at length below. Dr. Beverly Browning, who hosted the webinar, responded as follows:

Top 3 Things to Know Before Applying for a Grant

Once you’re interested in a grant, there are a few steps you should take before you organize your team to apply. Determining fit and eligibility should be at the top of your list, as well as any funding restrictions, the total workload required, and due dates. At the end of the day, you want to know whether the grant is attainable and worth the investment from all angles. For those of you new to grant seeking, this blog post’s for you.

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