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OMB Update: DATA Act, Uniform Guidance & Single Audit

On August 10, The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) submitted its Report to Congress on the Data Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA ACT) Pilot Program. OMB also released a new Uniform Guidance FAQ and the 2017 Single Audit Compliance Supplement now published in the Federal Register. Find all the links and free training in this post.

Public Service Recognition Week - Thank You! Thank You!  Thank You!

Since 1985, the first Sunday in May starts off what has been officially designated by Congress as Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW), a time to honor those who work in local, state, and federal government. Organized by the Public Employees Roundtable, events range from a Congressional breakfast and a 5K run/walk in Washington, DC, to school children all over the county meeting the people who make their town councils tick. National or local, small or large, black tie required or blue jeans recommended, to capture the spirit of PSRW, a commemoration only needs one ingredient to be successful, a genuine appreciation for America's hardworking public servants.

President Trump's Budget Impact on Grants for Local Governments

Today's guest writer is Bill Ferguson, chairman of The Ferguson Group, LLC, which specializes in representing local governments before Congress and the Administration. Bill discusses the Trump Administration's budget and its impact on grants for local governments and nonprofits.


Grants 101 Quiz - Why Should Students Have All the Fun?

Everyone is settled into their new school routines by now, but students will not be the only ones taking tests. We thought it might be fun to include a short quiz on grants to encourage solidarity with all those hard working scholars.


OMB Uniform Guidance Training That Grows on Trees

A change of pace and a bit of levity for the first Monday in August.  Step into a cool, shady place and read about what happens when fairytales, forests and funding intersect...

Red Riding Hood the Third dusted off a picture of Little Red Riding Hood the First and thought of how much things had changed since her grandmother’s day. Wolves no longer lured little girls to their doom! In fact, contemporary Ms. Riding Hood just accepted a new job as a state fish and game official in charge of wolf conservation. But she had one major problem! She was unfamiliar with where or how to apply for funding for the programs she wanted to implement.

Circumventing Terrorism - The Countering Violent Extremism Grants Program

The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Grant is a new, first-of-its-kind grant to fund programs that focus on preventing terrorism. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security, funding will be provided to help communities and individuals within them become resilient to radicalization attempts. According to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, “Given the nature of the evolving terrorist threat, building bridges to local communities is as important as any of our other homeland security missions. This new grant program is an important step forward in these efforts and reflects the Department’s continued commitment to protect the homeland and uphold our values." The program focuses on 5 key areas:

Back on Track: The Railroad Safety Infrastructure Improvements Grant

Part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration is responsible for the safe and organized movement of people and goods across the country. As the agency points out; however, funding has not always kept pace with usage. Rail infrastructure, stations, and equipment are often in need of upgrades and repairs. Compounding this problem, freight shipments are forecasted to increase by 45 percent by 2045. In an effort to help ensure the needed renovations are made, $25 million was allocated for the FY2016 Railroad Safety Infrastructure Improvements Grant Program.

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