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What Grant Makers Are Asking When Reviewing Grant Proposals

Often when we write a grant proposal, our mind fixates on "our" needs; but it's important that we focus on what the funder wants to read when they receive our grant requests. In this article, I’ll share some feedback that I received after surveying foundations when collecting research for one of my Grant Writing for Dummies editions.

Private-Sector Funders: Getting Them to Consider a New Funding Area

How many times have you scrutinized a potential private-sector funder's profile looking for a perfect fit between what your organization needs and what the private-sector funder funds? You've read the funder’s summary or information on funding areas and cannot find any category that is an ideal fit to meet your needs. Should you just cross that grant maker off your list when it happens to be a local funder in your region? Absolutely not.  

The State of Grant Funding in Arkansas: Part 1

This is the first installment of a three-part series on grant funding in Arkansas.  Part 1 focuses on charitable giving in Arkansas. Part 2 will discuss national foundations and federal programs of interest to Arkansas nonprofit organizations and state and local governments. Part 3 will outline the five things all entities must do to garner external grant funding for their programs and operations.

Federal Grants and Florida: A Spending Deficit

In 2010, the state of Florida received some of the most generous funding amounts of any state from the federal government in the form of direct expenditures, including grant support, as it has for quite some time. But it never seems to be enough (in spite of the many calls for cuts to federal spending coming from state politicians, including many of Florida’s). Its citizens are repeatedly told that there isn’t enough money for things like education, infrastructure, housing, and so forth.

Municipalities: What’s Your Approach to Nonprofit Grants?

No Time to Write That Grant?

(The following blog post was written by Dr. Bev Browning, Vice President of Grants Professional Services for eCivis and the author of more than 40 grant-related publications.) “I just don’t have time to write this grant application!” How often have you heard yourself saying this to a co-worker or your supervisor? You likely have one job title but multiple job responsibilities. Suddenly having to assume grant writing duties means that your boss has activated the “and other duties as assigned” language in your job description. Does this sound familiar?

Grant Writing: The Ethics of Compensation

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