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5 Sources for Successful Foundation Funding

According to Charity Navigator, foundation giving increased 3.5 percent in 2016. The total contributions including grants from independent, community, and operating foundations equaled $59.28 billion. Whether it is to supplement existing government funding or buffer oneself in the face of future federal uncertainty, foundation awards are worth exploring. Here are five tips that

What Is a Community Foundation, You Ask?

A community foundation is a charity run by local citizens committed to supporting the best interests of the place they call home. Founded in 1919, The Cleveland Foundation has the distinction of being the first such institution. Community foundations complement, but are not identical to, organizations like the YMCA and United Way. Contributions can be used to

Youth Baseball Grants - The Baseball Tomorrow Fund and More

With spring just around the corner, many youth baseball and softball leagues across the nation are gearing up for opening day. If your local diamond needs to get back into playing shape after a long off-season, consider the following funding opportunities to help turn your field of dreams into a reality.


Federal vs. Foundation Funding - Embrace Them Both

Should we wait for a fresh, rich brew to percolate or settle for instant? Shop across town where prices are low or jet into our nearest convenience store? Savor the book or catch the movie? Life is a balance between effort and outcome, a constant trade-off between return and investment. The grant world offers the same dilemma. Public vs. private funding, which shall it be? Government grants offer the biggest jackpots, but are labor-intensive. Foundation grants offer smaller rewards, but are less time-consuming. Let’s look at the major pros and cons of each.

Parks for Underserved Communities

Parks are important to the health of a community. We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Sure, they encourage exercise. But increased physical activity is only one of many benefits of parks. They have the potential to enhance economic opportunities, increase property values, offset pollution, and reduce crime. There are even studies that have connected time spent in nature with greater attention spans, lower stress levels, and better pain management.

How Foundation Grants Can Help Small Cities Achieve Strategic Planning Goals

Are you looking to fund a new small-scale project in your city? Did you know that foundation grant makers have historically made grant awards for projects under $50,000 to small cities? Your city could apply for law enforcement equipment, fire services equipment, community garden essentials, capacity building initiatives, and more.

Private-Sector Funders: Getting Them to Consider a New Funding Area

How many times have you scrutinized a potential private-sector funder's profile looking for a perfect fit between what your organization needs and what the private-sector funder funds? You've read the funder’s summary or information on funding areas and cannot find any category that is an ideal fit to meet your needs. Should you just cross that grant maker off your list when it happens to be a local funder in your region? Absolutely not.  

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