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The Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion Programs - Nourishing Local Markets

The USDA provides several opportunities throughout the year to help communities nourish their local agricultural markets. Two grants with upcoming deadlines, the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) and the Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP), help locally grown food become a catalyst for economic development by supporting food businesses and encouraging the consumption of local products.

Food Resources to Harvest for Thanksgiving

We thought the best way to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving was to share opportunities related to food.  So we bring you grants that relieve food insecurity, corporations that donate products, even a resource for hungry four-legged friends. While these are all at the national or semi-national level, more options may exist at your regional, state and local levels as well. All headings are links to the organizations' websites. Please have a safe and stress-free holiday!

Healthy Food Financing:  An Appetite for Revitalization

The season to eat, drink and be merry is just around the corner. Unfortunately, there are still too many people scrimping, sacrificing and doing without. According to the USDA, an estimated 12.7% of all U.S. households (15.8 million people) experienced food insecurity in 2015. Simply put, that means they did not know if they could prevent those under their roof from going hungry at some point during the year. The good news is things are improving. Food insecurity was down 14% from 2014. Yet, there is still more to be done. Which is why we are bringing you two different federal programs, The Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program and Local Foods Local Places, that both encourage communities to explore healthy self-sufficient food systems as a path to broader economic revitalization.

The Farm to School Grant Program 2017 - Digging Your Veggies

Eat healthy! That has to be one of the most timeworn sentiments ever directed at children. But think back to your own youth for a moment. Which of the following scenarios would have been more successful in getting you to eat your veggies? Authority figures barking at you with drill sergeant intensity to clean your salad plate? Or putting your books aside in order to slip into the

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