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Grants Extended: Funding and More for June 8, 2017

by eCivis Research Team on June 8, 2017
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Grants - Extended Network.jpg

“Grants Extended” (formerly "Special Opps") is a collection of supplemental funding sources, resources, and other opportunities for organizations, faculty and students, community members, and partners that are discovered by our research team while searching for opportunities to include in Grants Network: Research

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Grants Management Technical Assistance (GMTA)

FEMA’s GMTA program aims to improve the ability of FEMA grant recipients to administer federal grant funding received through FEMA programs. The program adapts to fit the specific needs of jurisdictions and provides technical assistance at no cost to applicants. Technical assistance offered through this program includes monitoring, guidance on financial audits, meeting facilitation, direct guidance and consultation, and workshops. Applicants may request technical assistance by emailing the program’s application form to the funding agency.


Federal Transit Administration (FTA): Performance-Based Planning Roundtable Webinar

FTA will conduct a webinar to assist entities with meeting their Transit Asset Management (TAM) performance targets and provide additional information regarding performance-based planning. The webinar will also explore potential methods and processes for transit agencies to coordinate with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and state departments of transportation to implement performance-based approaches to transportation planning. The webinar will be held on June 20, 2017, and will start at 1:30 p.m. ET. Prospective attendees may register for the webinar online.


Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps): 2017 Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service Awards

This program will honor outstanding AmeriCorps programs, members, or alumni for high-quality and impactful service. Awards are expected to encourage the development and expansion of best practices in national service programming, improve project development, and increase the value of AmeriCorps members’ effectiveness in tackling the country’s most pressing human and environmental needs through service. Nominations of programs, members, or alumni will be accepted online until 5:00 p.m. ET on June 23, 2017.


National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP): Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) Scholarships for Law Enforcement Officers

The LEADS Scholarship program helps law enforcement officers integrate research into their day-to-day work and provides the NIJ with direct insight from forward-leaning practitioners who value research and the role it plays in practice. The program aims to identify and develop the next generation of law enforcement leadership and encourage the use of evidence-based practices to advance criminal justice throughout the country. Ten merit-based scholarships will be awarded to mid-rank law enforcement officers, who will then have the opportunity to attend various special events held in the Washington, D.C., area; participate in numerous networking and collaborative activities; and attend the IACP annual conference and expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 21-24, 2017. Applications must be emailed to the funding agency by June 30, 2017.


Youth Service America (YSA): Disney Summer of Service Grants

This program will provide grants of $500 to support up to 250 youth volunteers to begin community projects or expand existing community projects. Projects should strive to make the world healthier, greener, and stronger and may include activities like sports, arts, reading/learning, and nature/animals. Interested entities may apply online by September 15, 2017. Youth involved in projects may apply directly.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Golden Carrot Award for Healthy School Lunches

This program recognizes food service professionals doing an exceptional job of improving the healthfulness of school lunches. Awards will be provided to programs that encourage kids to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and that offer plenty of vegetarian, low-fat, whole grain, and non-dairy options. A grand prize of $3,000 and four runner-up awards of $1,000 will be provided through this program. Applications must be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the funding agency by July 28, 2017.


Food Co-Op Initiative: Seed Grants

This program provides early development capital for retail food co-op organizing groups that wish to start food co-ops. In addition to providing monetary awards, the funding agency will also provide recipients with regular follow-up and assistance. Co-ops will receive up to $10,000, including a match by local contributions. The funding agency will focus on supporting rural co-ops, but awards to organizations in urban areas in low-income communities will also be accepted. Applications must be received between June 19, 2017, and July 17, 2017.


Soil Health Institute: Soil Health Research Literature and Information Review Grants

This program will support compilations and reviews of soil health-related scientific literature. Award recipients may use the funding agency’s online library, which will be made available at no cost to researchers, practitioners, consultants, producers, and others in the public and private sector. Five grants of up to $8,000 will be provided to support the preparation of literature searches and summaries of soil health and its relationship to land management practices as well as ecosystem processes and services. All research produced by award recipients will be placed on the funding agency’s online library for public access. Applications must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. ET on June 23, 2017.


Keep America Beautiful (KAB): Pennsylvania Fresh Paint Days and Oklahoma Fresh Paint Days

Fresh Paint Days is a program designed to provide community groups with paint and painting supplies to enable them to renew a community structure in need into something beautiful through the application of fresh paint and a lot of elbow grease. Tax-exempt groups are eligible to apply and will receive exterior paint and gift cards to purchase painting supplies. Applications must be submitted online by July 17, 2017, for Pennsylvania applicants, and July 31, 2017, for Oklahoma applicants.


Ohio Development Services Agency: Ohio Third Frontier: Opioid Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment Technology Initiative and Opioid Technology Challenge

The Ohio Development Services Agency is seeking applications that use technology to accelerate the development and commercialization of products, devices, and technology that will address the opioid crisis. The funding agency is seeking innovative solutions to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with opioid use and addiction. The Opioid Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment Technology Initiative will have up to $12 million available for award recipients, and the Opioid Technology Challenge program will have up to $8 million available. Proposals for the Opioid Technology Challenge must be emailed by June 30, 2017, and letters of intent for the Opioid Abuse, Prevention, and Treatment Technology Initiative must be emailed by July 14, 2017.


California Strategic Growth Council (SGC): Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Workshop

California’s TCC Program will invest funds generated by California’s cap and trade taxes in the communities of Fresno, Los Angeles, and a third, undetermined location. Funding will be made available competitively to communities that wish to invest in capital investments, business and workforce development projects, public health programs, K-12 and higher education programs, career and technical training, entrepreneurship support, volunteer programs, and civil society projects. The California SGC is still in the process of developing the TCC Program and will hold a workshop to discuss the draft guidelines released for this program. The workshop will be held on June 20, 2018, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. PT at the Junipero Serra State Building in Los Angeles. Applicants may register online to participate.


Madison, West Virginia, eCivis Client Case Study in Economic Development

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