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Grants 101 Quiz - Why Should Students Have All the Fun?

by Sherie Sanders on October 5, 2016
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Grants 101 Fun Quiz Apple and Colored Pencils in Front of Chalk BoardEveryone is settled into their new school routines by now, but students will not be the only ones taking tests. We thought it might be fun to include a short quiz on grants to encourage solidarity with all those hard working scholars.


Grants 101 Fun Quiz

1.   What many consider to be the first federal grant was awarded in the year:

          a. 1785

          b. 1866

          c. 1930


 2.   Passed in 1977, this act began to shape modern grant policy and guide government agencies in their use of federal funds:     

          a.  The Monroe Doctrine

          b. The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act

          c. The Morill Act


3.   How many federal grant making agencies are there:

          a. 12

          b. 26

          c. 113


4.   The directory that lists various federal programs, projects, services and activities for all 2,314 financial and nonfinancial federal assistance programs is known as:

          a.  The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

          b.  Grants.gov

          c.  The Foundation Center


5.   The largest federal grant making agency in the US is:

          a.  The Department of Justice

          b.  The Department of Education

          c.  The Department of Health and Human Services


6.   Which branch of government is the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) part of:

          a.  Executive

          b. Legislative

          c. Judicial


7.   The total amount of federal spending on grants has increased from $7 billion in the 1960s to this in 2015:

          a. $14 Billion

          b. $300 Billion

          c. $614 Billion


8.   According to a survey conducted by eCivis with public sector employees, this is the estimated ratio of those who work with grants that have not had formal training:

          a.  1 in 17

          b.  1 in 5

          c. 2 out of 3


9.   According to that same survey, how many different public sector job titles research grant opportunities:

          a. 101

          b. 213

          c. 933


10.  The amount of grant money from private foundations and other non-profits to local governments and their community partners in 2015 is estimated to be:

          a. $100 Billion

          b. $200 Billion

          c. $300 Billion


 Answers: 1=a, 2=b, 3=b, 4=a, 5=c, 6=a, 7=c, 8=c, 9=b, 10=c


Further Details

Find out what your quiz results mean, and access links and references for the answers by clicking the box below:



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