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Grant Opportunity Windows Opening in January 2016

by eCivis on January 19, 2016
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Check out these grant funding opportunities whose application windows open in January 2016. Due dates are soon, in February and March, so get going!


Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants

Grantor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development

Purpose: To provide rural residents with access to education, training, and health care resources via advanced telecommunication technologies. The intent of this program is to encourage and improve telemedicine services in rural areas through the use of telecommunications, computer networks, and related advanced technologies that can be utilized by students, teachers, medical professionals, and rural residents.

Eligibility: Incorporated organizations or partnerships; Indian tribes or tribal organizations; state or local units of government; consortia; other legal entities, including private nonprofit and for-profit organizations

Deadline: March 14, 2016

Grant Amount: $50,000 - $500,000

Number of Awards (Anticipated): Unknown

Cost Share Requirement: Minimum 15 percent match



Linking to Employment Activities Pre-Release Specialized American Job Centers (AJCs)

Grantor: U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Training and Administration

Purpose: To provide assistance to local workforce development boards (LWDBs) to develop and operate specialized American Job Centers (AJCs) inside of county, municipal, or regional jails and correctional facilities. These centers will provide a range of services to assist soon-to-be-released inmates to prepare for employment to increase their opportunities for successful reentry into their home communities. The program seeks to strengthen communities by better integrating services already available in the community, and by linking transitioning offenders with a range of community-based workforce services that lead to successful employment, thereby building partnerships between local correctional systems and local workforce systems.

Eligibility: Local workforce development boards (LWDBs) applying in partnership with their:

  • County or municipal governments
  • County, municipal, or regional correctional facilities, excluding any state or federal correctional facilities located in the local commuting area

Deadline: February 26, 2016

Grant Amount: $5 million is available to suppose awards of up to $500,000 each

Number of Awards (Anticipated): 10

Cost Share Requirement: Not required



Strengthening Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Partnerships to Promote Community Living

Grantor: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living; and Federal Transit Administration

Purpose: To encourage development of an inclusive coordinated transportation system where people with disabilities and older adults actively participate in both advisory and decision-making capacities. Such inclusions are expected to result in identifiable and measurable changes in the transportation system that respond to the needs and preferences of older adults and people with disabilities.

Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations and governmental entities, such as:

  • City government agencies
  • Regional planning organizations
  • Councils of government
  • Tribal Nations

Deadline: March 18, 2016

Grant Amount: $86,000

Number of Awards (Anticipated): 8

Cost Share Requirement: None, although in-kind support is encouraged.



Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Domestic Violence Shelters/Grants to Native American Tribes (including Alaska Native Villages) and Tribal Organizations

Grantor: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families

PurposeTo increase public awareness of, and primary and secondary prevention of, family, domestic, and dating violence, and to provide immediate shelter and related supportive services for victims of family violence, domestic violence, or dating violence, and their dependents.

Eligibility: Tribes, tribal organizations, private nonprofit organizations authorized by a tribe

Deadline: March 15, 2016

Grant Amount: Funding is based on tribal population: 

  • Between 1 and 50,000 people: minimum base of $2,500 for first 1,500 people, and $1,000 for each additional 1,000 people
  • Between 50,001 and 100,000: minimum base of $125,000
  • Between 100,001 and 150,000: minimum base of $175,000

Number of Awards (Anticipated): Unknown

Cost Share Requirement: None


Osage Nation Case Study from eCivis

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