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Special Opps: Funding and More for November 12, 2015

by eCivis Research Team on November 12, 2015
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“eCivis Special Opps” is collection of supplemental funding sources, resources, and other opportunities for organizations, faculty and students, community members, and partners that are discovered by our research team while searching for opportunities to include in Grants Network: Research.

Fair Housing Initiatives Program

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), through its Office of the Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, is accepting comments on its Fair Housing Initiatives Program, which provides funding to fair housing organizations and other nonprofit organizations that assist individuals who believe that they have been victims of housing discrimination. The funding agency is requesting that comments to be submitted by December 9, 2015.

Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus USA Program

The Tree Campus USA Program of the Arbor Day Foundation recognizes college and university campuses that effectively manage campus trees, develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy and urban forests, and strive to engage their students in utilizing service learning opportunities centered on campus and community forestry efforts. Applications are currently being accepted for work done in 2015.

The American Library Association United for Libraries/Thrift Books Friend Conference Grant Program

The American Library Association (ALA) is accepting applications for its United for Libraries/Thrift Books Friend Conference Grant Program. Awards will enable one member of a Friends of the Library group at a public library to attend the ALA annual conference. The total award amount will be $850. Eligible applicants must be first-time attendees to the conference, and must be active within their public library friends group. Applications must be submitted by January 15, 2016.

Project Fit America Grant Programs

Project Fit America (PFA) sponsors local grant programs throughout the country that will support schools’ fitness plans academically and economically. Schools will create their own fitness plans. Projects will be designed to fit the needs and capabilities of individual schools. Schools must register with the funding agency, after which they will receive local grant opportunities in the fall and spring of each year if opportunities become available in their areas. Registration forms must be submitted online.

The Institute of Health Care Improvement (IHI) 2015 Conference

The IHI is currently accepting enrollments for its Health Care Improvement Conference, which is scheduled for December 6-9, 2015, in Orlando, Florida. The conference will feature nearly 6,000 health care professionals, and participants will gain actionable ideas for their organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to play a part in effecting real change in health care quality and safety. Individuals wishing to attend are encouraged to enroll online.

Adidas Supporting Mascot Name Changes

Adidas has announced that it will offer design resources to any high school in America that desires to change its logo or mascot from potentially harmful Native American imagery or symbolism. The company will also provide financial assistance to schools to ensure that the implemented changes are not cost-prohibitive. Interested high schools may apply for assistance by contacting Adidas.

California Department of Housing and Community Development Making Amendments to Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program

The California Department of Housing and Community Development runs the ESG Program, which supports projects that serve homeless individuals and families by providing services and emergency shelter/transitional housing, assisting persons at risk of becoming homeless with homelessness prevention assistance, and providing permanent housing to the homeless population. The funding agency intends to amend the program and is currently seeking written comments, as well as comments during public hearings it will conduct on November 19, 2015, and November 30, 2015.

Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) Workshops

The CWMTF provides assistance to conservation nonprofit organizations, local government agencies, and state government agencies for the protection of surface waters in North Carolina. Prior to the launching of the 2016 grant cycle, the CWMTF is hosting a workshop on December 9, 2016, to provide potential applicants with information and guidance. Workshop participants will also receive access to the Natural Heritage Data Explorer, available online, which will assist with their applications. Individuals interested in participating in the workshop must register online by December 1, 2016.

Cincinnati Zoo’s Go Bananas! Challenge

The Cincinnati Zoo’s Go Bananas! Challenge encourages student, scouting, and community groups to collect as many cell phones as possible and return them to the funding agency by April 3, 2016. By April 24, 2016, the funding agency will announce one winning team, which will receive $4,000 in award funds. Additionally, teams will submit three photos and brief descriptions of their campaigns, and the team that receives most votes in the creative content contest will receive $1,000. This challenge is part of the funding agency’s Saving Species Project.

The Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Grants

The Horowitz Foundation is seeking projects that target work in all major areas of the social sciences, including anthropology, area studies, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, and urban studies, as well as newer areas. Preference is given to projects that address contemporary issues in the social sciences and issues of policy relevance. Eligible applicants are Ph.D. candidates whose projects have received approval from their appropriate department head/university. Awards will be for $7,500, $5,000 of which will be disbursed initially and $2,500 of which will be disbursed at the conclusion of projects.

How to establish a grants office with buy-in from departments

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