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Special Opps: Funding and More for July 28, 2016

by eCivis Research Team on July 28, 2016
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Periscope in Article About Grant Opportunities“eCivis Special Opps” is collection of supplemental funding sources, resources, and other opportunities for organizations, faculty and students, community members, and partners that are discovered by our research team while searching for opportunities to include in Grants Network: Research.

Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act – Designation of Alternative Fuel Corridors

The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) will designate national electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas fueling corridors. States and local officials are invited to assist in making such designations. All comments must be received by August 22, 2016, and may be submitted by fax, mail, or hand delivery. Corridor designations will be based on existing alternative fuel facilities, corridor scale/impact, estimated emissions reductions, and the development of the relevant team and the degree of collaboration and support.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Campus RainWorks Challenge

EPA’s RainWorks Challenge will allow student teams to design innovative green infrastructure projects for their campuses that effectively manage stormwater runoff while benefiting the campus community and the environment. There are two design categories: master plan and demonstration projects. Community engagement should be an element of all projects. To enter, each campus team must email a registration form to the funding agency by 11:59 p.m. ET on September 30, 2016. The first-place team in each design category will receive a student prize of $2,000 to be divided among the team, and a faculty prize of $3,000. The second-place team in each category will receive a student prize of $1,000 and a faculty prize of $2,000.

Penguin Random House Library Awards for Innovation

The Penguin Random House Library Awards for Innovation will recognize public libraries creating innovative community-based programs that encourage citizens to participate in and support local reading initiatives that connect libraries with their communities. The funding agency is particularly interested in libraries that develop partnerships with public schools, local businesses, museums, recreation departments, and other community learning resources. One $10,000 prize and four runner-up $1,000 prizes will be provided. Additionally, all award recipients will receive $1,000 worth of Penguin Random House books. Applications must be submitted electronically by October 1, 2016.

MTV: Staying Alive Grant

MTV’s Staying Alive grants will provide small sums of money to community-based organizations led by young people who are fighting to beat HIV in their local communities in the most innovative ways. Awards will also include Staying Alive materials, a small fund to buy technical media equipment, a local mentor, a personal grant manager, and training and development. Applications must be submitted online by August 28, 2016.

The Herb Society of America: The Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant

The Herb Society of America has established the Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant program for teachers in grades 3 through 6. These grants will ensure that Donald Samull’s tradition of using herbs with students will continue for years to come. All public and/or private 3rd through 6th grade teachers with a minimum class size of 15 students are eligible to apply. A total of ten schools will receive $200 worth of “seed money.” Applications must be submitted online by October 1, 2016, and awards will be announced on December 1, 2016.

The White House: TechHire Initiative

The TechHire Initiative is a new campaign designed to expand local tech sectors by building tech talent pipelines in communities across the country. More than $150 million is available to support 39 Public-Private Partnerships to train tomorrow’s workforce in rapid-growth sectors such as tech, health care, and advanced manufacturing. Communities and employers that wish to work with the program must submit a commitment online by August 31, 2016.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH): California Kids’ Plates Program

CDPH’s California Kids’ Plates Program provides child safety equipment to California nonprofit entities with the capacity to conduct successful education and outreach. The program may provide convertible child safety seats, multisport safety helmets, life vests, and/or smoke alarms. Applications must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on August 12, 2016.

Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA): Indiana Housing Conference – Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) Track

The IHCDA will host a housing conference for community housing development organizations (CHDOs) on August 25-26, 2016. This series of conferences will include eight sessions, and will cover various topics including CHDO regulations, putting together a rental or homebuyer project, nonprofit financial management, and a CHDO peer-to-peer panel. IHCDA is offering scholarships to organizations that have individuals interested in attending these conferences. All organizations must be certified as CHDOs, have been certified as CHDOs in the past, or be interested in such a certification. Scholarships are limited to two persons per organization. Applications for scholarships must be submitted by August 5, 2016.




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