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Special Opps: Funding and More for December 3, 2015

by eCivis Research Team on December 3, 2015
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“eCivis Special Opps” is collection of supplemental funding sources, resources, and other opportunities for organizations, faculty and students, community members, and partners that are discovered by our research team while searching for opportunities to include in Grants Network: Research.

Connecting Criminal Justice with Health Care

Hurry and submit your application to participate in The Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center Connection Criminal Justice with Health Care program, which will bring together state and local corrections and health care officials to develop strategies to address serious health programs and the absence of health coverage within justice-involved populations. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. ET on December 11, 2015. Eligible applicants are states and localities, which will work with other stakeholders including state and local justice agencies, state Medicaid programs, and others.

Body Camera Donations

BodyCameraDonations.com believes that every law enforcement officer should have a body camera. State, local, and federal law enforcement agencies may register on the funding agency’s website, and will receive body cameras when they become available.

RFK National Resource Center’s Inaugural Symposiums

The Robert F. Kennedy Children Action Corps’ National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice is holding its inaugural symposia in Boston, Massachusetts. A dual status youth symposium, titled Working Together for Our Children, will be held on April 5-6, 2016; and a probation system reform symposium, titled Advancing Practice, Changing Lives, will be held on April 7-8, 2016. Individuals interested in participating may register on the program’s website. The registration fee for each event is $165.


The Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service is holding a prize competition, which will recognize open source electronic school meal applications that states and school districts can adapt for their own use. Individuals who are 18 years or older and who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations, may participate in the competition by submitting their projects by 5:00 p.m. ET on March 1, 2016. Winners will be announced on March 31, 2016.

Erasmus+ 2016

The European Commission is making €2.2 billion available for young people across the world to study, train, and volunteer or participate in youth exchanges and projects abroad under the Erasmus+ program. American students in particular will be able participate in exchange programs in participating countries.

Curiosity Creates Conference

The American Library Association (ALA), through its Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) division, is hosting a conference focusing on research and best practices in creativity programming for children. The conference will be held on January 9, 2016, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. The event will feature recipients of the funding agency’s Curiosity Creates grant program, who will share updates and lessons learned.

Pat Carterette Professional Development Grant

The American Library Association (ALA) is accepting applications for the Pat Carterette Professional Development Grant, which will provide up to $1,000 to recipients to participate in continuing professional development events to keep current in their career fields. Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2016.

Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning

The 2016 Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning will be held on April 11-12, 2016, from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The summit will bring together youth programs and community partners to connect, learn new ideas, access valuable resources, and transform learning beyond the school day for Indiana youth. The early bird registration rate is $65, which will be increased to $80 after January 15, 2016.

Texas Water Development Board Financial Assistance Workshops

The Texas Water Development Board will hold its annual workshops across the state of Texas. These 13 workshops will provide information on the funding agency’s financial assistance programs, as well as the use of the funding agency’s online application system. The workshops will be held in several locations from December 2, 2015, through January 21, 2016. All workshops will begin at 9:00 a.m. Prospective participants must register by email to attend.

The New Jersey Library Association’s Library Service Awards

The New Jersey Library Association will disburse three awards that recognize those who have given of themselves in exceptional service to New Jersey’s libraries during the year 2015. One award will be presented to an individual, one to a friends/volunteer/community group, and one to a library group (regional, county, or state). Nominations must be submitted online by February 29, 2016.

ArtWorks 2016: Flourish!

The Virginia Commission for the Arts is hosting a one-day conference for artists, boards, and staff members of arts organizations, community cultural leaders, arts educators, and arts advocates across the state. The conference will discuss how the arts will thrive and grow in the next decade. The conference is scheduled for January 27, 2016. Prospective attendees must register online.

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