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Foundation Funding for First Responders

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Headphones in an Article About Foundation Funding for First RespondersEven though first responders do some of the most important and dangerous work in the country, funding is often insufficient to meet their needs. Budget shortfalls can be a constant challenge and departments must become creative in finding the resources they need simply to do their jobs. Here are four private foundations that assist public safety agencies with equipment, training and other support, listed in alphabetical order.


American Police and Sheriff's Association Equipment Grants

This program provides safety equipment such as lights, communication devices, and duty gear to law enforcement officers across the country. Priority is given to the agencies that are in the greatest need and will benefit the most from the grants. Examples of equipment purchased by past recipients include:

  • Training DVDs from the Police Officers Safety Association
  • Canine unit information
  • Cruiser video systems
  • Laptops and printers for command posts
  • Lockable rifle/shotgun mounts for cruisers

Eligible applicants are local government. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Grants

The Firehouse Subs Foundation provides public safety organizations with equipment, resources, and support. Categories include:
  • Life-saving equipment such as vehicle extraction tools, defibrillators, bunker gear, thermal imaging cameras, and bullet-proof vests
  • Prevention education including fire extinguisher training, DUI education, CPR classes, and other pertinent safety issues
  • Scholarships and continued education for first responders
  • Disaster relief
  • Support for members of the military

Eligible applicants are local governments, academic institutions, schools/school districts and nonprofits. Eligibility is limited to organizations within 60 miles of a Firehouse Subs restaurant. Applications are due June 2, September 7, and December 1, 2017.


FM Global: Fire Prevention Grant

This program supports fire prevention efforts including;

Pre-Fire Planning

  • Software
  • Laptops

Fire Prevention Education and Training

  • Community Outreach
  • Workshops
  • Publications

Arson Prevention/Fire Investigation

  • Juvenile fire setter programs
  • Continuing education
  • Digital and specialized Cameras
  • Accelerant detection equipment

Eligible applicants are Native American tribes, state and local governments, nonprofits and community organizations. Applications are reviewed three times per year. The deadlines for each period in 2017 are March 31, July 31 and November 30.


Spirit of Blue Foundation Safety Grants

The Spirit of Blue Foundation helps raise funds for equipment, training and other resources, which the law enforcement agencies purchase through participating sponsors. A complete list of past beneficiaries can be found on their grant recipients page. Below is a selected sample:

  • In Beaverton, Oregon, $2,500 went toward the purchase of K9 officer Atlas, who is trained in tracking, handler protections and article search
  • Monroe County Sheriff's Office in Rochester, New York, received 100 Individual Police Office Trauma Kits
  • Gainesville PD in Florida engaged in six months of training in police/youth dialogue
  • A LAPD grant for the Amped FIVE Professional software tool allowed forensic technicians to better utilize image and video data
  • In Pleasant Grove, Utah, $2,5000 was used to buy up-to-date portable radios to enable the PD to access the most current digital narrow-band standards

Eligible applicants are law enforcement agencies. Organizations must either be nominated by someone else or complete an online eligibility form, which are accepted on a rolling basis.

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. 

~Cynthia OzickTweet: We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  ~Cynthia Ozick http://bit.ly/2nVWGq4


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