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Grants Management: State Audit Findings Infographic (FY2012)

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Piggy bank and magnifying glass representing audit findingsLast year, the Maryland Governor's Grants Office produced a report detailing Single Audit findings by state during FY2012, and it has important grants management lessons for all grant-active entities. The report notably mentions that high-performing states (those with a low audit findings ratio) "indicated that they had audit and/or grants management training in place for officials responsible for the management of federal grant funded programs."

In this report, Maryland has a lot to be proud of, having the second-lowest number of Single Audit findings and the third-lowest findings ratio per billion dollars. I've formatted this data into an infographic to inspire other entities—namely, local governments—to learn from the best and look to improve grants management policies and procedures.

Hover your cursor over a state to see state-specific data on the following (note that the infographic may have a loading delay in some browsers):

  • Audit findings by state
  • Ratio of audit findings per billion dollars
  • Total federal dollars expended in billions (FY2012)