Cherrise Wilks

Cherrise L. Wilks is a seasoned grant administrator with over 11 years of experience working with nonprofits and state and local government, including the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida House of Representatives, and the City of Jacksonville. Ms. Wilks serves as the Grants Specialist for the City of Tampa, as CEO of Logistics Business Consulting Group, and as President of Affinity Consulting Group. Her expertise includes securing over $24 million in federal, state, and private grants. She has a bachelor of science degree in Family, Child & Consumer Sciences from the Florida State University and a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of North Florida.

How to Prevent Returning Grant Funds to a Grantor: Lessons for Government Agencies

Recently, I had the unfortunate experience of listening to professional colleagues describe three distinct cases whereby their organizations successfully secured federal and state grant funding and had to return all or a portion of the grant back to the funders. It pained me to listen to these scenarios, as both a proposal writer and a grants manager, because everything was avoidable. Additionally, my heart went out to them, because I know firsthand how difficult it is to write and win competitive proposals at the federal or state level. I also know how hard it can be to manage government grants if you do not have the right internal controls set up, or adequate staff to support the administration of additional funds. However, I have written this blog article to shed some light on how easy it is to have funds rescinded, and I have offered a few examples of potential solutions.

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