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Alternative Funding and More for February 8, 2018

by eCivis Research Team on February 8, 2018
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Alternative Funding and Other Grant-Related Opportunities

“Alternative Funding is an eclectic mix of mini-grants, special opportunities, and unique programs that has something for everyone. You never know when you will find a resource just perfect for that niche you have been trying to fill. That's what makes treasure hunting in this grants grab bag so rewarding!

The United States Conference of Mayors: City Livability Awards

This program honors mayors and their city governments for developing programs that enhance life in urban areas. Ten awards are provided annually: a first-place award and four outstanding achievement awards for cities with populations under 100,000, and a first-place award and four outstanding achievement awards for cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Applications must be submitted online by March 9, 2018.


USA Today Network: A Community Thrives (ACT)

This program empowers communities by investing in education, arts and culture, or wellness-related organizations. The program is making $600,000 available for awards, and specific projects are eligible to receive $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, $15,000, or $10,000. Additionally, the funding agency is making four $25,000 grants available to campaigns that raise the most money via crowd funding. All projects must be submitted alongside a 501(c)(3) charity partner that can put ideas into practice. Project ideas must be submitted online by March 15, 2018.


Lyft Community Grants

Lyft will provide $1,000 in Lyft ride credits to nonprofit organizations. Each month, one organization will be selected to receive awards. Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate city application on the program website.


Home Depot Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program

This program will provide support to America’s historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in order to contribute to their strong foundations, renewed purpose, and distinctive character. Awards will allow institutions to make upgrades to their campuses. Nine awards will be provided each year, with one $50,000 grand-prize award, one $40,000 second-place award, and one $30,000 third-place award. HBCUs must be nominated through online Home Depot consumer nominations. Schools will be invited to enroll in the program after receiving 100 nominations. Nominations must be made via social media by February 22, 2018.


American Library Association (ALA): Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change Learning Series

The Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change learning series will provide small, mid-sized, and/or rural public libraries with the opportunity to improve the services they make available to their communities. Learning sessions are currently scheduled for February 28, April 25, May 23, and June 22, 2018, with the last session being held during the 2018 ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. Applicants may register online for upcoming sessions. Recordings of previously held sessions have been posted on the program website.


New Balance Foundation: Billion Mile Race February Prize

The Billion Mile Race is a program that encourages schools to implement walking and running programs, and to post the miles their students walk or run to be eligible for various incentives. Schools that add miles to their Billion Mile Race online profiles in the month of February 2018 will automatically be entered to win one of three $300 prize packs of walk/run equipment from U.S. Games.


General Electric (GE) Additive Education Program

This program will provide 3D printers (metal and polymer) and related curricula to educational institutions worldwide. GE will invest $10 million over a five-year period in this program and will provide awards to primary and secondary schools, universities and colleges, and other educational institutions. All applications must be submitted online by February 28, 2018.


Department of Transportation (DoT): Transit Asset Management (TAM) Refresher Webinar

TAM plans are developed by every transportation agency that owns, operates, or manages capital assets used to provide public transportation and receives federal financial assistance under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53 as a recipient or subrecipient. The DoT will hold a refresher webinar that covers topics relevant to compliance with the TAM final rule and will highlight technical assistance resources available in advance of the October 2018 TAM Plan deadline. The webinar will be held on February 22, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to noon PT. Prospective attendees may register online.


Agentic Learning: Agentic Learning Consulting at No Cost

This program will provide one year of learning consulting at no cost to two school districts committed to making student agency a priority. Awards will be provided to districts that consider student agency a strategic priority. Award recipients will receive assessment of student and teacher intrinsic motivation, one year of consultative coaching on a monthly basis, creation of an improvement process, one-year access to the REFLECT app, and workshops. Applications must be submitted online by March 1, 2018.


Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Youth Innovation Challenge

This program aims to engage North American youth in the work of the CEC; increase awareness of shared priority sustainability issued among Canada, Mexico, and the United States; and facilitate communication and collaboration between North American youth on entrepreneurship, innovation, and partnerships for green growth. Eligible participants are youth between the ages of 18 and 30. Applicants must first submit an idea online by April 3, 2018.


North Carolina Department of Transportation: Watch for Me NC

This program seeks new communities to participate in the 2018 Watch for me NC program, which disseminates safety and educational messages directed towards drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and also supports high-visibility enforcement efforts by area police to reduce violations of traffic safety laws. Eligible applicants include agencies with police departments such as local governments and campus police agencies. Award recipients will receive print materials, collateral, and advertising; law enforcement training; action planning workshops; earned media; and technical support. Applications must be emailed or mailed to the funding agency by 5:00 p.m. on March 23, 2018.


Arizona Department of Education: College and Career Competency Team Training

This program is a free, two-year professional development training series that will provide coaching and training to interdisciplinary teams from Arizona middle and high schools to systematically embed college and career competencies into core contents. There are currently 12 openings for interdisciplinary teams that are interested in joining this professional development series. Applications must be submitted by mail, fax, or email by June 11, 2018.


LiftFund Texas Small Business Rebuild initiative

This program will support small businesses and communities in Texas that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Award recipients will receive small business loans of up to $25,000 at zero percent interest. The first four months of repayments will be deferred, and recipients will also receive business education and consultation services. Applications must be submitted online.


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