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Alternative Funding and More for December 21, 2017

by eCivis Research Team on December 21, 2017
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Alternative Funding and Other Grant-Related Opportunities

“Alternative Funding is an eclectic mix of mini-grants, special opportunities, and unique programs that has something for everyone. You never know when you will find a resource just perfect for that niche you have been trying to fill. That's what makes treasure hunting in this grants grab bag so rewarding!


The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development: Honoring Nations

This program was created to identify, celebrate, and share outstanding examples of tribal governance. The program aims to disseminate the stories of the outstanding programs in self-governance that are daily emerging from Native nations. The award program will enable tribes to learn from each others’ successes. Projects in the fields of education, health care, resource management, government policy reform, and justice, among others, may be submitted for review. Applications must be mailed or emailed to the funding agency by 5:00 p.m. ET on January 24, 2018.


Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC): First Responder Training

RDPC will provide and deliver relevant all-hazards training in support of rural homeland security requirements. Training will be provided through academic partners that possess extensive experience and niche capabilities in developing and delivering homeland security curriculum to the rural emergency response community. Upcoming training is scheduled for January 10 in Georgia and California, and January 13 in South Carolina, among others. Rural emergency departments and first responders may request a course online.


Social Finance: Outcomes Rate Card Development Competition

Social Finance is seeking government and/or nonprofit applicants nationwide to receive free technical assistance to develop outcomes rate cards, which is a Pay for Success contracting approach to serving large constituencies by defining outcomes and paying providers as they achieve those outcomes. Up to four applicants will be chosen to receive assistance to develop an outcomes rate card, procure service providers to deliver on target outcomes, and launch Pay for Success projects. Applications must be emailed to the funding agency by 5:00 p.m. ET on January 31, 2018. Optional notices of intent to apply may be submitted online by January 15, 2018.


National Farm to School Network: National Farm to Cafeteria Conference

The National Farm to Cafeteria Conference will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 25-27, 2018. The event will convene a diverse group of food service professionals, farmers, educators, students, representatives from nonprofit organizations and government agencies, public health professionals, and others for three days of learning, networking, and movement building. Registrations for the conference will close on April 9, 2018. Prospective attendees may apply for scholarships to defray the costs of attending the conference. Scholarship applications must be submitted online by 8:00 p.m. ET on February 12, 2018.


National Science Foundation (NSF): Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST)

PAEMST awards are the nation’s highest honors for teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), including computer science. For this year in particular, awards will honor teachers working in grades K-6. Award recipients will receive a certificate signed by the President of the United States, a paid trip to Washington, D.C., to attend recognition events and professional development opportunities, a $10,000 monetary award, and an opportunity to build lasting partnerships with colleagues. Teachers must be nominated by April 1, 2018; and teachers must then submit applications by May 1, 2018.


Goldenrod Research Corporation: YouthTouch Grant Competition

This program supports hands-on technology in the classroom that brings math and science to life for schools, who then become pilot/referral sites for the funding agency.  Awards will provide up to 50 percent of the costs of a YouthTouch Technology Integration Program, which is a system that offers creative learning tools designed to complement existing curricula and support common core standards via technology. Applications are accepted online, via email, mail, or fax throughout the year, with a current, special round focusing on informal STEM that is accepting applications until January 17, 2018.


AT&T Aspire Accelerator

This program supports the use of technology to enhance learning and help every student achieve a bright, successful future. AT&T will work with organizations that use technology to help students succeed, strengthen schools and communities, and/or prepare learners for employment. The program will connect organizations with the resources, services, expertise, and relationships they need to drive exponential change in how individuals learn. Nonprofit and for-profit organizations of any size may apply. The program will invest up to $100,000 in projects, as well as provide additional funds and technical assistance. For-profit companies must give up 5 percent of equity in exchange for the award. Applications will be accepted online from January 10, 2018, until February 7, 2018.


TechXcellence: Schools of TechXcellence Recognition

Round three of this recognition program will recognize schools for their achievements in the fields of math and science instruction, makerspaces, virtual and augmented reality, music and arts instruction, world language instruction, cyber and physical security, student assessment, reading and writing instruction, history and social studies instruction, faculty professional development, institutional leadership, and other fields of instruction. In order to be eligible, projects must rely on implementation of devices that run on Intel processors. Schools will receive national attention with profiles in the June 2018 TechXcellence publication, local prominence, and eligibility to win an immersive HP Sprout Computer Lab. Applications must be submitted online by February 2, 2018.


Hy-Vee: One Step Community Gardens

Community groups, nonprofit organizations, and others who are committed to teaching their communities about health and nutrition are invited to apply for OneStep Community Garden grants, which are designed to help groups teach others through hands-on gardening activities while sharing their produce with those in need in their communities. Applications must be submitted online by January 31, 2018.


Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB): OGE Cash Grants

Thanks to the generosity of OGE Energy Corp., KOB is offering grants of $200 to $300 to help kick-start organizations’ Great American Cleanup (GAC) activities. GAC is a national program featuring high-impact events that encourage communities and residents to keep their communities clean and beautiful. All award recipients must commit to participation in GAC. Awards of $200 will be provided for first- or second-year participants of GAC, while awards of $300 will be provided to organizations that have participated in GAC for at least two years. Applications must be submitted online by February 15, 2018.


Colorado Department of Education: Colorado Teen Video Challenge

This program invites teens, ages 13 to 18, to create short videos (30-90 seconds long) that promote reading all summer long and using the library to other teens. Teens can work individually or in teams, and videos must be usable at public libraries nationwide and must be appropriate for viewing by audiences of all ages. Videos must be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo, and all applicants must submit a contest entry form, via email or mail, by February 26, 2018.


Virginia Department of Education: Training on Accommodations for English Learner (EL) Students

This program will train teachers, school test coordinators, and building administrators on the provision of accommodations for EL students. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of assessments for EL students, EL student characteristics, evidence-based decision making when determining appropriate accommodations for EL students, and documentation of accommodations provided to EL students. Training sessions will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on January 23, 2018, in Newport News; and January 31, 2018, in Roanoke. Prospective attendees must register online to attend. Registrations will close on January 11, 2018.

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