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Sports Grants - It's a Great Time to Kick Around Funding Opportunities

by Sherie Sanders on September 21, 2016
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Soccer Ball in an Article About Sports Grants and Youth Sports FundingAre you still going through Olympic withdrawal, one month after the closing ceremony? While everyone else is looking forward to cozy fires and hot chocolate, are you dreading being cooped up indoors? Just because the weather will be turning colder does not mean you have to put sports on hold! Now may be a good time to research the sports grants you need for your perfect future line ups. Here are just a few of the many organizations that fund sports programs to help get you started!


The U.S. Soccer Foundation

Safe Places to Play is a funding opportunity from the U.S. Soccer foundation that helps build either indoor or outdoor soccer fields. The field may even be used for other purposes so long as it is used for soccer the majority of the time. Submit a letter of interest by September 30 and the application itself by October 7. They also offer program grants for equipment and operating expenses.That application is due February 3rd, 2017. They have both rolling and annual grants, so it is a good idea to check their website frequently for the next cycle of deadlines. Local governments, nonprofits and school districts are eligible to apply.


United States Tennis Association (USTA): Facility Assistance Program

The USTA provides resources to help build or renovate tennis facilities to promote the game. Selected communities will receive a project consultant who will provide personalized support to ensure that project gets off the ground. Local governments, school districts and other academic institutions are eligible. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.There are also state chapters that provide funds to entities within their particular state.


US LaCrosse

If LaCrosse is your fancy, US LaCrosse has several programs and grants to further your passion. From equipment grants to diversity and inclusion programs, LaCrosse aficionados will find it here. Local government, Native American Tribes, school districts and others are all eligible.


Smarter Football from Riddell

September 26 is the day that Riddell announces the winners of equipment grants via its 2016 Smarter Football Program. The point is to encourage smarter, safer football with a special emphasis on protecting athletes and using football as a way to bring communities together. The application period is closed for this year, but this was its second year running, so check back in 2017. In the meantime, there are tips and discussions boards to help all players achieve a safer, smarter game.


Justin J. Watt Foundation – After School Sports

This program provides equipment, safety equipment, uniforms and more to help middle school kids get hooked on sports for the character development, accountability, teamwork, and leadership skills athletics help develop. Lets not forget fun! This program’s ultimate goal is to let kids be kids! Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis. School districts and nonprofits may apply. Programs must benefit students in the 6th thru 8th grades.


American Academy of Dermatology (AAD): Shade Structure Grant Program

To help protect young athletes from skin cancer, the ADD is offering grants to public schools and nonprofits to install shade structures for playgrounds, swimming pools, ball field dugouts, eating places and other recreational areas to help protect against ultraviolet radiation. Winning organizations should help educated youth 18 years old or younger on sun safety. The next deadline is November 28, 2016.


Play in the Big Leagues

Major league teams in all sports categories often give back to the community. Our Getting In Kind Donations From Professional Sports Teams article offers links and suggestions for getting donations from the big guys for projects on and off the field. 

Come to think of it, going after sports grants involves strategy, healthy competition, flexibility, team work, perseverance and resiliency! Much like playing the sports themselves! That should tide you over until the spring! 


Further Resources

Funded applications require skillful collaboration and editing.  Click below for 15 free tips for success!



Sports Equipment that Links to an Article About Grant Proposal Editing

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