It's A Parlour Game...

Posted by James Ha on Jun 20, 2016 4:13:00 AM

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black-chess-knight_GkZQKU8d_L.jpgAccording to the National Association of State Budget Officers, as cited in the president’s FY16 annual budget, federal agencies awarded more than $600 billion in grant funding to state and local governments, higher education, and other public sector organizations. Recent grant reform has emphasized improving the performance of each grant program from these federal agencies.

The legislation - now in its sophomore year - has simplified and improved many aspects of the federal grant process, but there is always room for more improvement, especially when it comes to cutting down on red tape. Our friend, Mark Howard, Accenture’s Global Administration Segment Lead, wants to start a dialogue on how the process can be streamlined so more money can be used for the original purpose of each grant and less on administration. Who better than you, the recipients of federal grants, to make suggestions on how to improve things? Click the links below to be part of the conversation:

Part One:

It's A Parlour Game

Part Two:

From Parlour Game Reality



Topics: Federal Grants, Grants Management Best Practices

Building a Grant Funding Strategy for Cities and Counties


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