Grants Way Back When!  Tell Us Your Retro Story!

Posted by Sherie Sanders on Aug 8, 2016 4:13:00 AM

Retro Media Icons in an Survey About How Grants Have Changed Since 1990Back in the day! We have all heard our elders talk about what life was like before color television, microwaves, and ATM machines.  Subsequently, who in the younger generation is not astonished to hear about a time when cell phones weighed almost as much as lap tops? Or horrified to learn their grandparents did their school reports on a thing known as a typewriter with the aid of a goopy substance called liquid paper? And you could not even play video games on it to keep yourself entertained!

Technology has made life much easier while bringing a whole new set of challenges along with it. We would like to explore this in relation to the grant world. What was it like before the process became automated? We thought it would be fun to create a short survey to collect grant applicant experiences comparing the pre-1990s to the present! But first, here is a short quiz to give you some perspective and jog your memory about the not-so-distant past!

1. The first website went online in:

     A. 1985

     B. 1991

     C. 1999

2.  This was the year Facebook went online ushering in the era of social networking:

      A. 1992

      B.  2000

      C. 2004

3. debuted in:

     A. 1995

     B.  2002

     C. 2012

Answers 1 = B, 2 = C, 3 = B

Now that we have taken you back before the days when online applications and databases could be taken for granted, here is our survey.   


Grants Then and Now

Feel free to click the button below to take the survey (or leave a comment, or email me at

Tell Us Your Story

1.  What did you dislike most about applying for grants before everything went online?

2.  Do you have a particular experience or memory that stands out that you would like to share? (Example, that time you walked in 5 feet of snow to make sure the application was postmarked in time.)

3.  Is there anything you miss about finding and applying for grants the "old school" way?

4.  How have things improved by 2016? (This need not be limited to technology.  Rule changes, availability of funding, differences in procedures are all relevant.)

5.  Is anything more difficult now than when you started?

Thank you in advance for your responses.  Please forward this survey to anyone you think may be interested in chiming in! The more the merrier!

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