Grant Writing Paralysis - Has It Happened to You?

Posted by Sherie Sanders on Mar 22, 2017 4:05:00 AM

Post It Note in an Article About Grant Writing Paralysis and Fear of RejectionGrant writing paralysis. It is something that happens to everyone at one time or another, whether they are veteran professionals or municipal employees who only work on grants every so often. Temporary self-doubt makes starting that upcoming application increasingly difficult. Sometimes the more important the project, the higher the stakes, the greater the inertia. While we can't promise an instant cure, we have compiled a list of previous posts that provide valuable tips to help you get back on track.


3 Resources to Overcome Writing Paralysis and the Fear of Rejection


Handling a Federal Grant Application Rejection Notice

We would not be human if rejection did not get us down once in awhile. Beverly Browning offers seasoned advice on how to shake it off without shaking your confidence. A little self-care and nurturing can go along way.


Tips for Handling a Grant Rejection Part II

The second part of this series gives specific steps to take to maximize the chances of winning the next round.


Grant Rejection Review: Progress Session, Not Post-Mortem

Mark Whitacre offers practical advice from an organizational perspective on how to assess what needs improvement and learn from mistakes.


 12 Grant Myths Debunked


What are your thoughts on grant writing paralysis and overcoming rejection? Please feel free to comment below.


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