OMB Uniform Guidance Training That Grows on Trees

Posted by Sherie Sanders on Aug 1, 2016 4:13:00 AM

Wolf Behind Tree in an Article About an Online Library of OMB Uniform GuidanceTraining and Other Grant ResourcesA change of pace and a bit of levity for the first Monday in August.  Step into a cool, shady place and read about what happens when fairytales, forests and funding intersect...

Red Riding Hood the Third dusted off a picture of Little Red Riding Hood the First and thought of how much things had changed since her grandmother’s day. Wolves no longer lured little girls to their doom! In fact, contemporary Ms. Riding Hood just accepted a new job as a state fish and game official in charge of wolf conservation. But she had one major problem! She was unfamiliar with where or how to apply for funding for the programs she wanted to implement.

She might have wasted much time in her search if not for the tip she received from the helpful woodland nymph. Get thee to the Grantscase Grove it told her, grant information virtually grows on trees there.

And so LRRH III stepped into the forest and immediately came upon the Pre-Award tree. The first limb was named Searching for Opportunities. Here she found information on:

  • The Four Types of Grant Funding
  • A Grants Procedures Handout
  • How to Start a Grant Office From Scratch
  • Estimating the True Cost of the Product

The next limb, Registration & Application was interactive.

“What big leaves you have” she exclaimed.

“Better to help you check your eligibility my dear,” it replied.

“What big boughs you have,” she cried.

“Better to help you register for a grant,” it said.

“What smooth bark you have," was her third observation.

"Better to direct you where to apply for grants," it nodded encouragingly.

Progress Tracking was the final branch on that tree. It had a cluster of 5 videos from the City of Los Angeles/eCivis OMB Uniform Guidance trainings and a Super Circular Desk Reference Guide just waiting to be picked so she can learn all about federal grant making agencies to better communicate with them.

“Psst, come here next," said the Award Phase tree."I will provide you with the resources you need to know about once you get your award, including how to disperse funds properly.”

“Don’t leave without visiting me” said the Post Award Tree. I have tools for:

  • Fiscal Reporting
  • Audit Requests
  • Tracking and Finalizing Spending

All this will be quite helpful, she thought to herself. Just as she looked up toward the sky, a 2 CFR Part 200 slider fell to her feet so she could easily determine rules for allowable indirect costs.

By the time she left the forest, she felt more confident in her ability to be successful at her new job. The next day, she found a Wolf Livestock Demonstration Project Grant to model how wolves and ranchers might coexist. She applied for it, eager to test her new found knowledge.

So marks the end of our fairytale. But the GrantsCase forest is not just for applicants or mythical folk figures. Grantors may also travel the path to find tools and best practices on:

  • Planning and Announcing Grants
  • Notifying the Recipients
  • Providing Oversight & Support
  • Auditing
  • Award Close-outs

If you would like to tour the Grantscase Forest, simply click on the button below. We can’t guarantee you will live happily ever after, but when questions arise, you will have a resource to turn to so you can find your answers!

Grantscase Grant Resources Page from CostTree and eCivis



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