Our Library Has Two New Resources for You!

Posted by Sherie Sanders on Jul 5, 2016 4:13:00 AM

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Have you checked out our online resource library?  It is a comprehensive stockpile of everything grants-related! Articles range in subject from how to find funding opportunities, to best practices in grant management after you receive an award. We have recently added two new glossaries:

Finance Related Terms from CostTree – A cheat sheet for finance and OMB Uniform Guidance jargon. This glossary will provide you with a breakdown of  terms to know so you can get all your financial p's and q's in order:

Local Government Grant-Related Terms from eCivis Partner CostTree

Research Terms to Know – Evidence-based practices are more important than ever in the world of grants. Grantees want to know they are funding programs that make a difference. This  means using scientific studies to document outcomes and measure performance. Academic institutions often partner with grant recipients to conduct the research. This glossary will not turn you into a social scientist overnight, but it puts many common terms researchers use in down to earth language to help demystify the process:

Research-Related Grant Terminology for Evidence-Based Practices



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