Evidence-Based Practices for Local Government:  Increasing Your Comfort Level

Posted by Sherie Sanders on Feb 6, 2017 4:23:00 AM

People and Graphs in an Article About Evidence-Based Practices for Local GovernmentDo you ever wonder why studies are always canceling each other out? One week we hear that a low-fat diet helps reduce the risk of heart disease and then another study comes and contradicts those findings. It does! It doesn’t! It does...The media reports polar opposite results on almost every topic imaginable. Among all this confusion, we offer the following white paper to help you peek inside the research process. Beyond the sheer frustration of never knowing what to believe, learning a bit about how research works is a new necessity for grant seekers as evidence-based practices are increasingly required by both public and private agencies. Grant makers want to fund what works, and the burden of proof is on grant recipients to show the dollars they received are being put to good use.

This short paper will not turn you into a researcher overnight. In fact, most grant recipients partner with academics to fulfill their research requirements. Becoming familiar with a few basic dynamics, however, can help to increase your comfort level with the entire experience. As you become more involved with evidence-based practices, these concepts will clarify and crystallize as you see their real-life applications. For those ready to dip their toes in the water, click below for a free resource to learn:

  • Why evidence-based practices are important
  • What to expect from your research partner
  • What is tiered-evidence grant making
  • Basic terms and principles with examples in down-to-earth language
  • Where to find more information on the subject

Evidence-Based Practices for Local Governments, States, Tribes, and Grant Administrators


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