Grants Grab Bag: From Grants Management Training to Farm Bill News

Posted by Timothy Tiernan on Jul 9, 2013 10:57:00 AM

Grant news grab bag on grants management training, SAM webinar, and farm bill dropping food stampsGrants Grab Bag blog posts address a variety of grant-related topics, from grants management and writing webinars to legislation affecting federal, state, and local funding.

Training and Webinar

  1. Grant writing and management training in Texas. Held at the McAllen Convention Center, August 22-23, 2013, this two-day training session will include grants management training presented by Angel Wright-Lanier, Director of Grants Management Consulting for eCivis. Angel brings years of experience successfully managing multimillion-dollar awards, including ARRA, for the City of Raleigh. Grant writing training will be led by Carrie Roberts, founder and CEO of Roberts & Associates, who brings extensive nonprofit management and program officer experience. 

    For grant writing and evaluation training in your community, contact For grants management training in your community, contact The article below demonstrates how grants management consulting saves time, money and headaches:

     Evidence-Based Practices Explained Simply for Local Governments, States, Tribes, and Grant Administrators



  2. SAM webinar. The Governor's Grants Office of Maryland will present a technical webinar training for potential grantees and contractors on July 18. You can register here. We'd also recommend checking out SAM assistance videos covering the overview of the system and upgrading the CCR account to SAM.

OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement Released

After quite a delay, the Office of Management and Budget released its Compliance Supplement last week. Word and PDF versions of departmental sections and the entire document are available for download. Appendix V contains a list of changes.

Food Stamps Could Be Dropped from Farm Bill

House Republicans have moved closer to splitting the $939 billion farm bill by dropping food stamp funding from the bill. Historically, nutrition assistance and agriculture subsidies have been linked in the farm bills, with food stamps assisting urban areas and farm assistance for rural regions. Here's the story.

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