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Nicolie Lettini has over 15 year of experience creating over 600 cost allocation plans. She has enjoyed a highly successful career as an outside cost plan consultant, maximizing reimbursements for her clients in places others rarely think to look. She is the president of CostTree, the nation’s premiere Web-based cost allocation plan software company.
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How Cost Allocation Plans Can Help You Know the True Cost of Your Grant Funding

Posted by Nicolie Lettini on Jul 13, 2015 5:00:00 AM

So you’ve been awarded a million-dollar contractual grant! Congratulations! But do you know the true cost of performing the services you’ve committed your agency to fulfill? Are you factoring in your overhead costs? Do you know if the full cost of the grant will actually exceed $1,000,000? And if it will, how can you get that additional administrative expense reimbursed? The answer is by preparing a cost allocation plan.

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Topics: Grants Management Best Practices, Indirect Costs

Building a Grant Funding Strategy for Cities and Counties


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