When Technology Hurts Innovation

Posted by Ryan Baird on Jul 20, 2016 6:01:25 AM

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27099017672_ce8f34b65e_o.jpg"There is a wide array of new technology solutions for every process and activity government employees engage in. And while new solutions tout improved ROI and efficiency and decreased costs, quantifiable outcomes may be hard to come by. What are some challenges to an organization's successful implementation? What solutions can be applied to these obstacles?"

When Fort Collins, CO, implemented their new grant management system, they identified organizational risks associated with new technology and tooks steps to mitigate them. Read about their challenges and how they met each one with best practices to ensure success, and learn how their insights may benefit your organization:

When Technology Hurts Innovation article by TLG and eCivis

Photo: Downtown Fort Collins, courtesy of the City of Fort Collins.

Topics: Grants Management Best Practices