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ICMA Grant Writing Webinar with Dr. Beverly Browning

Grants Management System Beyond Spreadsheets

Are you a municipal employee looking to improve your odds of getting a grant? You'll have to tell a compelling story. In this ICMA webinar, "Grant Writing Language That Wins," grant writing expert Dr. Beverly A. Browning (“Dr. Bev”) will discuss the language of grant writing and share tips and skills that will help your grant application get noticed.

Detroit's IT Strategies Relevant for Local Governments

Key Takeaways from Detroit's Comeback

In the high-profile bankruptcy of the City of Detroit, tensions can run high as different stakeholders have their own views on how best to lift the city out of its financial crisis and improve quality of life for residents. One area where all of those stakeholders agree, however, is the need for the City to improve its information technology infrastructure so that the City can better track and collect its funds, operate more efficiently, and better deliver public services.

Free Grants Management Guide: Creating a Grants Office

How to establish a grants office with buy-in from departments

What I love about the following free guide is that it is both expert and accessible. Author Stacy Fitzsimmons, who helped establish a grants office for a state agency, shares her expertise and offers sound strategy for building support for your new office. The guide begins with an assessment to determine the need for a grants office, then moves forward into the process of building executive support, establishing strategy, gathering human and technological resources, and finally launching the office. In many ways, this is a great guide about interdepartmental communication, useful for any type of office. Yet it's so much more.

Free Grants Management Guide: Choosing the Right GMS

New Call-to-action

We hope you had a great Labor Day. Last week, we spent some extra hours finishing a grants management guide for local governments seeking a grants management system (GMS). Simply titled 7 Keys to Selecting the Right Grants Management System, the guide includes RFP examples of GMS requirements from a few local governments, as well as tips for selecting a reliable system.

Grant Awards, August 2014

Grant award letter

The following are a series of selected award announcements from the month of August. Examining previous awardee lists, award amounts, and projects gives grant applicants the chance to look for evidence-based best practices.

What Grant Makers Are Asking When Reviewing Grant Proposals

Grantmakers speak on what they expect from grant applicants, what grant makers want to see from organizations seeking funding

Often when we write a grant proposal, our mind fixates on "our" needs; but it's important that we focus on what the funder wants to read when they receive our grant requests. In this article, I’ll share some feedback that I received after surveying foundations when collecting research for one of my Grant Writing for Dummies editions.

Local Government Discussions You Should Know About

Local government best practices and solutions

If you work in local government, I highly recommend you follow ICMA's Knowledge Network to keep abreast of local government best practices. Know what your colleagues are asking about, and contribute your knowledge.

How I Won an EDA Grant

EDA Economic Development Administration1 resized 600

Several years ago, when I was asked to write my first Economic Development Administration (EDA) Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance grant for a client, my first step was to learn as much as I could about those who would read and evaluate the application. I searched the EDA website, where I found a treasure trove of statistics, studies, demographics, economic indicators, and other information that helped make me a mini-expert on the subject.

Best Practices for Grantees and Grantors: Evaluation

Grants management for grantees, Grants management for grantors, Grant management best practices

My husband is a former swimmer who swam year-round in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona. The winners of each race were determined exclusively by time—whoever touched the wall first. Success is easy to define when using time as the unit of measurement. However, what happens when there are multiple variables that define success, as in grant writing? When variables such as time are not fixed and include people, external factors, changing organizational structure, and supplies and materials, the evaluation of success becomes more difficult to manage, and grant professionals are stuck in the crosshairs.

Creating a Grants Office from Scratch (Part 6): Resources and Launch

Grants office, grants office for local governments, launching a grants office, how to establish a grants office for a municipality, cities and towns

Here we are at the last post of this grants office series. I wish you great success as you ramp up your grants office with key stakeholders.

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